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{December 30, 2008}   I THINK I LOVE MY HUSBAND

Okay……you all have seen or at least heard of the movie “I think I love my wife”. Well, “I think I love my husband”. Of course it starts out in heaven and some where in the middle you feel like your in hell. I know…..been there done that!

I got married at the tender and young age of 24. My husband is 11 years older than I am. He wined and dined me in the beginning and then after we were married that all changed. The winning and dining decline didn’t really bother me in that I loved him for who he was rather than what he could do for me. However, having someone pay all the bills in the house is not really a bad deal in that I barely had a sufficient income coming in. Well… after 6 years and a new job later my husband decides that I need to help pay some bills in the house. We have had this argument on and off since the marriage and during those six years all I could do was agree to disagree with him. My opinion was since he made twice as what I made he should continue to do what he was doing and I would take care of all of the domestic chores and the expenses. However, that was not good enough. Now after six years of arguing about this, the phrase “I think I love my husband” would pop up every now and then as I am sure he had or still has those moments with me. Now, my credit and financial status is not the best and he thinks I should be saving more than I am with money left over after paying my debt and buying those domestic items I spoke of earlier. I truly think its a control issue rather than a money issue although he insists its a money thing. Uhm………….I don’t think so, he lives on ebay bidding for things he already has two or three of. Maybe its a guy thing, I don’t know. I do know that its one of the things I agree to disagree with him on. So…as of today, December 29, 2008, I am contributing to one of the bills in the house and taking up his portion of my car note that he was paying as well as my car insurance…….to keep the peace…you know!! I would love to know if there are any married women who are experiencing or experienced the same and what you did and/or doing about it. Holla! Thanks for reading and sharing.

The story is over with yet. Stay tuned!


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